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Training Co-ordinator - Hilly Hoar


Training Classes are for current members only
Prospective new members are most welcome to come along (without their dog) for a chat and stay to watch the training.

The Training descriptions for each class and directions to the Training Grounds are detailed in the sections below.

2024 Training Dates:

Monday 15th April - 7pm Venue: Arundel North


Monday 29th April - 7pm Venue: Arundel North

Monday 13th May - 7pm Venue: Rogate

Monday 20th May - 7pm Venue: Springhead

Monday 3rd June - 7pm Venue: Rogate

Monday 17th June - 7pm Venue: Springhead

Monday 8th July - 7pm Venue: Duncton

Monday 22nd July - 7pm Venue: Duncton

Competitive Training Day

Saturday 17th August - Venue TBC

Details will be available at the Training Evenings


Grounds are open when the A&D signs are out.

Classes £10 - Please bring the correct money.

Handlers may only have one dog in a class.

To compete in the Competitive Training Day, dogs must have attended at least two classes.

Bring your own well-scrubbed and clearly named dummy.


The following criteria are guidelines to help decide which class would be most suitable.


PUPPY/BEGINNER: For those who are new to the sport or have young dogs just starting.

They do need to be able to walk to heel on lead, sit and stay for a short time, have a recall and be able to do a simple retrieve.


LOWER NOVICE:  Aimed at Novice dog Novice handler or those not yet ready to run in Novice tests. Also for members who just want a well behaved dog in the shooting field.


NOVICE: This class is for those who wish to run in Novice tests.


OPEN: For dogs and handlers who have a high level of the basics.  We will work on progress through a wide range of scenarios that you may encounter at tests or out in the field.


  • Your spaniel heelwork is not expected to be extremely precise but the dog must be clearly under control.

  • The dog should hunt remaining under close control. 

  • The dog must recall promptly and once seated be steady to the ”thrown“ dummy.

  • The dog must have experienced and be confident with the sound of shot and working in the presence of other dogs. 

If you need further clarification please contact the training co-ordinator.


Directions to Training Grounds:
(Do not enter the ground before the A&D signs are out)

Fair Oak, Rogate GU31 5HR: 

What3words: pie.masks.unique

Turn south off A272 at the church in Rogate; over the narrow bridge, and the entrance is immediately on the left.
Arundel North BN18 9LL: 

What3words: exchanges.resold.technical

A284 between Whiteways Roundabout and the Arundel A29 roundabout.

Duncton GU28 0LF:

What3words: research.tungsten.lovely

Turn off the A285 in to Dye House Lane near the Cricketers pub.

Springhead, Storrington RH20 4HW: 

What3words: waffle.term.auctioned 

If coming from Storrington the turning is on your left. From Amberley, the turning is on your right.

Arundel East: 

What3words: cling.envoy.condition

Follow signs to Wildfowl Reserve, continue past  the Black Rabbit pub BN18 9PA to T-junction.
Turn left, follow signs through gates in Estate wall.

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