Sunday 17th July 2022

This training day is aimed at Pre-Novice and Novice Dog Novice Handler Level, providing you with an opportunity to build up your dog's confidence in water and teach you handling skills for tackling water work. All the basics that are necessary in your general land work will be covered incorporating water retrieving

Morning or afternoon sessions with a maximum of 12 handlers split into two groups of 6 in each session. £40 per session



Sunday 12th June 2022

Special Training Day for Members of A&D at Cowdray. Puppy, Novice and Intermediate classes.

Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and if any class is oversubscribed, a Reserve list will  operate.

If you have any questions, please email Judith Turner on 



Training Co-ordinator - Judith Turner

Training Classes:

Training Classes take place on Monday evenings between April and July. There are 5 classes at each Training Evening and trainees will be asked to join the class most suited to their dog’s ability. The Training Level descriptions and directions to the Training Grounds are detailed in the sections below.

2022 Training Evenings:

Please note these are on MONDAY evenings

Monday 25 April - Fair Oak, Rogate

Monday 9 May - Lowfold

Monday 23 May - Arundel (including Brace training)

Monday 13 June - Fair Oak, Rogate

Monday 27 June - Lowfold

Monday 11 July - Arundel

Monday 25 July - Fair Oak, Rogate

Competitive Training Day 2022

Saturday 20 August  at Arundel East

Details will be available at Training Evenings

Grounds open at 6.30pm - do not enter unless A&D signs have been put out.

Registration from 6.30pm. Classes start at 7.00pm and last up to an hour and a half, followed by coffee/tea.

Classes £5 - Please bring the correct money.

Handlers may only have one dog in a class each evening.

To compete in the Competitive Training Day, dogs must have attended at least two classes.

Bring your own well-scrubbed and clearly named dummy.

Any members (or prospective new members) keen to start training but unsure as to whether they’re either ready for Level 1, or unsure of what’s involved, are encouraged to come along with their dog and watch the training sessions, meet the Training Co-ordinator and Trainers and have an informal chat about how to progress.  A controlled introduction for young dogs who can sit on lead and watch a session.



Level 1:  Dog is able to 

- Walk to heel on lead and has some off-lead ability, sit, stay, recall
Gundog work will be introduced at this level. Training will be targeted towards Level 2.

Level 2:  Dog is able to

- Walk to heel off lead, sit, stay, recall

- Achieve simple single marked retrieve, deliver to hand, remain reasonably steady when other dogs working.
More complex retrieves and directional work will be introduced at this level targeted towards Level 3.

Level 3:  Dog is able to 

- Walk to heel off lead, sit, stay, recall, achieve simple single marked retrieve, deliver to hand and remain reasonably steady when other dogs are working

- Be directed on to double marked retrieves, achieve memory retrieves, achieve blind retrieves with shot, have a good level of steadiness

Training at this level will be targeted towards more complex work including longer distances, blinds with no shot, tackling obstacles found in the shooting field (fences and ditches) and general confidence for both handler and dog. Targeted towards Level 4.

Level 4:  Dog is able to achieve

- Good off lead heelwork, sit, stay, recall, deliver to hand and remain totally steady

- Good level of general gundog work including complete blinds with no shot
- Retrieves over long distances and obstacles

Spaniels: General training specifically aimed at working Spaniels in the field. Mixed ability group.



Directions to Training Grounds:
(A&D signs will be out from 6.30pm — do not enter the ground before signs are out)
Fair Oak, Rogate GU31 5HR. Turn south off A272 at the church in Rogate; over the narrow bridge, and the entrance is immediately on the left.
Lowfold RH14 0ES. Fittleworth Lane, Wisborough Green. From A272 Petworth take Crimbourne Lane and turn left onto Fittleworth Lane. From A272 Wisborough Green take Fittleworth Lane and follow signs.
Arundel North BN18 9LL. A284 between Whiteways Roundabout and the Arundel A29 roundabout.
Arundel East (Competitive Training Day). Follow signs to Wildfowl Reserve, continue past  the Black Rabbit pub BN18 9PA to T-junction. Turn left, follow signs through gates in Estate wall.