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'The event of the year!'

Only because it was the only event of the year due to the restrictions caused by Coronavirus, but the enthusiasm it generated proved that people were exceptionally keen to do something with their dogs and an intensive couple of hours with exceptional trainers hit the spot.

The 'flyer' was sent out at lunchtime. All spaces in the puppy, novice and intermediate classes were filled by early evening with waiting lists, particularly for the novice.

After a certain amount of cancelling, chasing payments, confirming bookings etc., the day was ideal. Rob Smallman had found us an area on a  farm worked by Andrew Lovejoy which included game crops, hedges, ditches, plough and grass and in several different fields. Kate Bollen and Jason Mayhew worked well together, swapping pupils in the middle of the senior classes so that all could try the different aspects of the trainers and the topography.

With practice at different aspects of training, centring on control both near and far, everyone learned - both handlers and dogs.

Judging by the number of thank you emails, this type of training day is much appreciated and we hope to repeat it more often when circumstances permit. Judith Turner

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