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14th August 2021

The culmination of the year's training classes is the Competitive Training Day which was held on Saturday 14th August at the beautiful Arundel ground.

Winners are:

Level One: 1. Tom Walsh with Taz; 2. Yvonne Griffiths with Taffeta; 3. Dorrie Willis with Osian

Level Two: 1. Jenny Warner with Scrumpy; 2. Suzanne Church with Mollie

Level Three: 1. Rachel Stanley with Morgan; 2. Caroline Whittet with Isla; 3. Jo Clay with Darcy; 4. Mary Jennings with Drake

Level Four: 1. Richard Elliott with Fly; 2. John Malcolmson with Dora; 3. Jan Drink with Bramble

Pictured Below: The Award Winners

Photography by Emily Osborn

CTD Winners at Arundel.jpg
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