Arun & Downland Gundog Society


Affiliated to the Kennel Club ID No. 694                          President: His Grace The Duke Of Norfolk

2019/20 Field Trial Results

All Aged Stake for 16 AV Retrievers - Wednesday 4th September 2019

at the Ampton Estate by kind invitation of

Mr Peter Rushbrook, Graham Roberts and guns

Judges: Helena Sully, Tom Lowe, Josefine van der Dussen, Jim Collins


Winner of the Blacklock Trophy and Guns' Choice:

Bellspaddle Dexter at Wephamdown - Kate Bollen


There were no other awards



Open Qualifying Stake for 24 AV Retrievers

- Monday 18 & Tuesday 19 November 2019

at the Peppering Shoot, Arundel Estate by kind invitation

of His Grace the Duke of Norfolk

Judges: Jayne Coley, Barbara Kuen, Pete Castleman &

Di Stevens


Winner: Hawksgarth Sirooco Owned by Tess Lawrence &

                                                      Handled by Kirsty Cousins

2nd: Brocklebank Boorbon - Paul Dukes

3rd: FTCH Windoogpack Coral - Owned by Clare Baker &

                                                            Handled by Steve Erasmus

CoMs: Ticefield Dazed N Confused - Reuben Corbett and Isleofman Fonarik

Owned by James Bailey & Handled by Andrew Bailey

Guns Choice: Abbottshall Hawkeye of Copperburn - Helen Burnie













Novice Stake for 16 AV Retrievers

Tuesday 7th January 2020

at the Venthams Farm Shoot, Froxfield, Near Petersfield by kind

invitation of Mrs Jenny Toomer and Steward of the Beat Andrew Pink

Judges: John Keegan, Keith Broomfield, Mike Jones and Tracy Flood

Winner: Pointhill Peregrine - Marianne Copp

Guns' Choice: Flintsfield Forever Friend - Mandy Smith


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Open winners reduced 031A9233 031A9329 031A9840 copy 031A9311



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Novice winner reduced Kate Bollen All Aged