Arun & Downland Gundog Society


Affiliated to the Kennel Club ID No. 694                          President: His Grace The Duke Of Norfolk

2018/19 Field Trial Results

All Aged Stake for 16 AV Retrievers - Monday 24th September 2018

at the Balcombe Estate by kind permission of Simon Greenwood & Family

Judges: Sue Hutton, Mary-Jane Opie, Louie Robertson & Chris Hutton


Winner of the Blacklock Trophy: Lubbecke Simone (Lab Bitch) Gillian Yates


2nd: Ticefield Dazed & Confused (Lab Dog) Reuben Corbett


Gun's Choice: Priesthill Diamond Harry - Joanna Voke


Chief Steward: Wendy Harrison





Open Qualifying Stake - Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th November 2018

At The Peppering Shoot, Arundel

by kind invitation of His Grace, the Duke of Norfolk and Head Keeper Charlie Mellor

Judges: Tess Lawrence, Colin Pelham, Graham Stanley, Joy Venturi-Rose

Chief Steward: Wendy Harrison


Winner of the Voakes Trophy: Diglake Charlie (Lab Dog) - Stephen Newitt

2nd: Mordonmanor Bree of Blackharn (Lab Bitch) - Tony Parnell

3rd: FTCH Mitforton Nacho (Lab Dog) - Louie Robertson

4th: Troddenmills Bail Me Out (Lab Dog) - Jo Rollinson

CoMs: Hanans Kertis (GR Dog) - Jacqui Crew;

Kenine Pacific of Ashlevel (Lab Bitch) - Keith Bianchi;

Bellspaddle Intrepid (Lab Bitch) - Sharon Dingle

Guns Choice: Eiderbay Malin (Lab Dog) - James Murphy


Rosemary Sadler's Gallery of photographs can be viewed here: DAY 1 and DAY 2




Novice Stake - Tuesday 8th January 2019

at the Ventham Shoot

by kind permission of Mrs Jenny Toomer. Steward of the Beat Andrew 'Pinkie' Pink

Chief Steward - Mike Crutchley

Judges: Phil Highfield; Wendy Glue; Sarah Miles & Jason Mayhew

Winner of the Deerbridge Trophy: Packmores Teal (lab dog) - Martin Bagg

2nd: Geordieland Rebel (lab dog) - John Keegan

3rd: Willowyck Faith of Norlands (lab bitch) - Colin Pelham

4th: Hawksgarth Sumatra (lab bitch) - Tess Lawrence

CoM: Top Noch Ken (lab dog) - Jacky Simpson


Rosemary Sadler's Gallery of photographs can be viewed HERE












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