Arun & Downland Gundog Society


Affiliated to the Kennel Club ID No. 694                          President: His Grace The Duke Of Norfolk

Working Test Results 2017

Novice & Puppy - Sunday 26th March

Held at the Arundel Estate by kind invitation of His Grace The Duke of Norfolk and head keeper Chris North.

Judges: Peter Castleman, Lindy Higham, Janet Neale, Wendy Neville & Judy Venables


Winner of The Parsons Cup: Leadburn Yarrow - James Walsh

2nd: Elmertown If I May - Keith Townsend


Winner of the Elsie Shrubb Memorial Trophy: Mitforton Orchid at Kirbyhall - Hilly Hoar

2nd: Tegdown Cracker - Jane Carnaghan

3rd: Elmertown Special One - Keith Townsend

4th: Braceway Tennessee - Helen Thornton

CoMs:  Buryhill Back To Black - Bryony Hamilton, Colhook Teak at Leospring - Joy Venturi-Rose, Lendown Heather - Tracy Flood


















The full scores can be downloaded HERE




Pairs & Brace - Sunday 23rd April

Held at West Dean by kind invitation of Head Keeper Ian Boxall


Brace: Judges - Liz and John Barnes

Winner: Never Disarray at Wylanbriar & Lowforge Jaya at Wylanbriar - Diana Stevens

2nd: Braceway Kite & Braceway Tennessee - Helen Thornton

3rd: Kirbyhall Meadow Pipit & Mitforton Orchid at Kirbyhall - Hilly Hoar

4th: Joyful Hugo of Philchris & Roughbeat Serefina of Philchris - Sarah Winter

CoM: Tayfordwoods Glenlossie & Tayfordwoods Bella - Sue Chapman

CoM: Echobrook Baxter & Bellaroyal Dream Of Glory of Echobrook - Ron Taylor


Pairs: Judges: Christine Bridgewater & Jason Mayhew

Winners: Tegdown Cracker - Jane Carnaghan & Limelight Linnet - Kelvin Moran

2nd: Tanglefield Olivia - Vince Mahon & Surefly Maddy - Jon Luke

3rd: Leospring Diva - Chris Rose & Degrewilson Shaunavon - Ron Taylor

4th: Colhook Teak at Leospring - Joy Venturi Rose & Gwyn Lad of Silentpool - Graeme Eusden

Shield for Top Scoring Retriever - Tawnyhill Nature - Tom Brown

Shield for Top Scoring Spaniel - Gwyn Lad of Silentpool - Graeme Eusden
















Novice Dog Novice Handler, Intermediate & Veteran

Held at Upper Birtley by kind invitation of Sir Graham and Lady Wilkinson on Saturday 20th May


Novice Dog Novice Handler (after a run off for 1st, 2nd and 3rd):

1st Tanglefield Olivia - Vincent Mahon

2nd Silver Mist Llewelyn - Kathy Wiffin

3rd Roundcopse Bertha at Bournhurst - Helen Livett

4th Dark Blackthorn Lilly - Jenny Phillips

COM Wylanbriar Hideaway - Belinda Welbourn



1st Autumnwillow Halle - Olu Jenzen

2nd Wellsummer to Elmertown - Angie Townsend

3rd Braceway Tennessee - Helen Thornton

4th Carishill Regan - Liz Barnes

COM Elmertown Applejacks Lady - Keith Townsend



1st Kirbyhall Wagtail - Hilly Hoar

2nd Opataz Cinders Folly - Rosemary Sadler

3rd Tumulus Timothy - C.J. Godfrey

4th Turnerbrook Oak - Sophie Mills (run off for 3rd & 4th place)


The full scores can be downloaded HERE



Held at Frithfold by kind permission of Peter Locke on Saturday 5th August.

Judges: Keith Broomfield, Robert Worrall, Jane Manley & Keith Manley

1st - Helnorall Magnum - Robert Smallman

2nd - no award

3rd - Gillian Yates - Lubbecke Simone

4th - Gay Marshall - Sanicliffe Frankie of Thealefarm

CoMs: Mitforton Orchid at Kirbyhall - Hilly Hoar; Sunstar Gadwall at Peterspond - Karen Handley; Robert Smallman - Tuscanni Viking; Cypher Black Mamba at Sullington - Shirley Carew


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