Arun & Downland Gundog Society


Affiliated to the Kennel Club ID No. 694                          President: His Grace The Duke Of Norfolk

Working Test Results 2015

Novice & Puppy - Saturday 28th March 2015

Held at the Arundel Estate by kind invitation of His Grace The Duke of Norfolk and head keeper Chris North.

Judges: Chris Marshall, Sarah Miles, Carole Montague, Wendy Perera & Terry Souter.


Winner of The Parsons Cup: Mitforton Nacho - Louie Robertson

2nd: Abbottshall Pioneer of Higgscroft - Dan Higgs

3rd: Deepfleet Derring of Kittesmeade - Chris Simmons

4th: Tullysedge Mybellenell - Sue Jordan


Winner of the Elsie Shrubb Memorial Trophy: Dobwalls Di Canio Duke - Collette Urquhart

2nd: Bedgebrook Tally - Mary Hogg,  3rd: Priesthill The Stig - Andrew Beale

4th: Borwickhall Cosimo - Tessa Driscoll,  CoM: Twistmount Purdey - Christine Walton


Pairs & Brace - Saturday 25th April 2015

Held at Eashing Park Estate by kind invitation of Mr & Mrs Peter Stovold and keeper Nick Grellis

Judges: Gilly Nickols, Jason Mayhew, Louie Robertson & Jon Luke


Winner - Troddenmills Houghton Blue - Angie Townsend

& Tailordrift Misty Morn - Robert McLaren

2nd - Tullysedge My Boy Troy - Sue Jordan

& Lady Kyra - Anne Bush

3rd - Waterford Haven - Sue Cole

& Balisla Buckleberry - June Bearman

Best Retriever - Troddenmills Houghton Blue - Angie Townsend

Best Spaniel - Tregerst Oak of Delflush - Helen Parsons


Winner - Tuscanni Viking & Helnorall Magnum - Rob Smallman

2nd - Wylnabriar Weird Fish &

Never Disarray at Wylanbriar - Diana Stevens

3rd - Kirbyhall Wagtail & Kirbyhall Meadow Pipit - Hilly Hoar


Intermediate, Veteran & Novice Dog Novice Handler - Saturday 11th July 2015

Held at Upper Birtley by kind invitation of Sir Garam & Lady Wilkinson

Judges: Derick Buckland, Lindy Higham, Colin Pelham & Barry Taylor


Winner - Kirbyhall Meadow Pipit - Hilly Hoar

2nd - Milfordheath Hetty - Coral Meakes

3rd - Elmertown Applejakks Lady - Keith Townswend

4th Tullysedge Stargazer at Baveybuilt - Jean Baveystock


Winner - Kenmilleven Helston of Anningtonbay - Mell Brooks

2nd - Kirbyhall Wagtail - Hilly Hoar

Novice Dog Novice Handler:

Winner - Twistmount Purdey - Chris Walton

2nd - Jasmine Firefly - Jo Pazowski

3rd - Brindlebrook Lilly Miss - Ian Hamilton

4th - Deerbridge Kisey - Nicky Rudd

CoMs - Tibea The Winning Streak - Nikki Urquhart and Anneryvalley Byron - Molly Edwards


Open - Sunday 2nd August 2015

Held at Frithfold by kind permission of Peter Locke and keeper 'Wag'

Judges: Alistair House, Ron Taylor & Robert Worrall

Winner: Lubbecke Royal Sapphire - Gillian Yates

2nd: Longcopse Ripple - Susan Wood

3rd: Woodlandway Skylark - Nikki Stranks

4th: Greenbriar Ruble - Andrew Parkin

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All Photographs: Hilly Hoar

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