Arun & Downland Gundog Society


Affiliated to the Kennel Club ID No. 694                          President: His Grace The Duke Of Norfolk

2014/15 Field Trial Results

Novice Stake for 14 AV Retrievers held at Venthams Farm, Froxfield on Wednesday 7th January 2015

By kind permission of Mr & Mrs Toomer

Judges: Keith Bedford, Graham Stanley, Mike Brown & Ron Taylor


1st  Katherine Impey - Hippolytus Herald

2nd and Guns' Choice Kim Jinks - Altries Maple of Jinkster

COM Diana Stevens - Never Disarray at Wylanbriar










Photographs courtesy of Rosemary Sadler. To see Rosemary's full gallery please click HERE


Open Qualifying Stake for 24 AV Retrievers held at Peppering Farm, The Arundel Estate

by kind invitation of His Grace, the Duke of Norfolk on 11th and 12th November 2014

Judges: Sue Hutton, Graham Roberts, John Barnes & Roger Wade

1st        Hatchfield Loki of Lostal - Andy Wiles (awarded the Voakes Trophy for the Winner & The Bradshot Trophy for Gun's Choice)

2nd      Vilendal Black Nile of Norlands - Colin Pelham

3rd       Websend Whitefarland - Tom Lowe

COM   Riversmeet Sidney - Keith Broomfield










Photographs courtesy of Chris Warren - click on the day to view his Galleries DAY 1 and DAY 2. Password for both is A&D


Our two day Open Qualifying Stake was held this year at our home ground Peppering by kind invitation of the Duke of Norfolk, and the beat was managed with impeccable skill by head keeper Charlie Mellor. As usual his team of Guns made up of fellow keepers from the Estate including our oldest friend Chris North, head keeper at the Park, shot excellently in what was at times torrential rain. Very few birds were missed over the two days, with barely more than one runner. The game was all walked up mostly in fodder beet. Pheasant, hare and rabbit were in abundance, giving plenty of variety for our judges Sue Hutton, Graham Roberts, Roger Wade and John Barnes to work upon. There were also plenty of Charlie’s precious Greys flitting about in the cold wind atop the Downs to test the mettle of the Guns; the penalty of shooting one - a trip to the job centre. The day got off to a good start through a very tall conservation crop with plenty of birds and surprisingly few dogs lost before we stopped at 11 o’clock for the two minute silence marked by the thump of Fort Nelson’s 18 pound Gun at Portsmouth rolling up the Arundel valley below us.

The first day sorted out the dogs not up to standard. Eyewipes went to Isobel Whitford, Tom Lowe, and two to Mary Cooper’s Fyrlewalk Cleo, who saw off Ingrid Van De Ven and later a double with Ken Byron and Mike Jones both going out. These three went through to the second day along with six other dogs, all clean As with little between them. Wednesday started with a withdrawal form Martin Bagg’s Maggbar Tamora having come into season the previous evening. Two beats were needed to get through to the fifth and final round. On the right, Isobel Whitford’s dog Bellaroyal Chilli Pepper went out first dog down quickly followed by Mary Cooper, both of whom had been blind-sided by the line on a bird going down far out to the left. In the next beat Diana Wiggins’ bitch Brockweir Daisy struggled on an unmarked dove, and then Michael Rollinson’s dog Quarnford Ptarmagen was eye-wiped by Tom Lowe on a tricky retrieve for a hare. This left just four dogs in line. Within the last few yards of the final beat and on the last bird needed for the trial, Keith Broomfield was sent first dog down for a wounded bird dropping into the field edge. After much hunting by dog and judges (and later the picker-up!) the bird was not found.  Report by Mike Crutchley


Photographs courtesy of Rosemary Sadler - to view Rosemary's gallery of photographs please click HERE