Arun & Downland Gundog Society


Affiliated to the Kennel Club ID No. 694                          President: His Grace The Duke Of Norfolk

Working Test Results 2013

Veteran - Arundel (East), Saturday 31st August 2013

Judges: Penny Allanson-Bailey assisted by Ted Ayres

1st     Vanya - Toni Sanders (& awarded Top Golden Retriever Trophy)

2nd  Turnerbrook Oak - Sophie Mills

3rd   Hoffbank Mr Chips - Ken Green

4th   Auro Rimu - Roy Wort


Open  - Upper Birtley. Saturday 3rd August 2013

Judges: Sheila Rapley, Colin Pelham, Paul Jennings & Alistair House

1st   Largymore Maccallan - Sue Jackson (Highest Scoring Golden Retriever Award)

2nd Echobrook Dexter - Jacqui Crew

3rd  Cypher Black Cobra - Peter Buckle

4th  Endacott Spiceberry - Paula Graystone


Young Handlers, Special Puppy, Novice Dog/Novice Handler -

Upper Birtley, Saturday 13th July 2013

Judges: Allan Scutcher, Di Stevens & Lindy Higham

Young Handlers:

1st   Kirbyhall Wagtail - Toby Upton

2nd Berryroam Thorpe of Riversway - Chloe Ellam-Baker

3rd Braceway Kite - Harriet Thornton

4th Leospring Diva - Holly Mordle  


Special Puppy:

1st   Charleston Bertie of Tanglefield - Ben Starns

2nd Janfran Dasher Dottie - Jane Trowell

3rd Magbar Tamora - Martin Bagg

4th Leospring Gold Gill - Joy Venturi-Rose


Novice Dog/Novice Handler:

1st   Glenmarian Mia of Oakvalley - Mary Jennings

2nd Braceway Kite - Helen Thornton

3rd Opataz Shannon of Grimspound - Sally-Ann Hughes

4th Bumblyn Paprika - Heather Stagg

COMs Little Myde Forget Me Not - Beverley Ward; Casblaidd Laughter - Hugh Dick


Brace - Milland, Saturday 22nd June 2013                                                      

1st   Wrenny Jen from Kirbyhall & Kirbyhall Daphne - Hilly Hoar

2nd Kirbyhall Wagtail & Kirbyhall Pipit - Hilly Hoar

3rd Opataz Cinders Folly & Opataz Gracie - Rosemary Sadler

4th Auro Rimu & Alamy Dunbar of Auro - Roy Wort


Pairs - Arundel North, Saturday 27th April 2013

1st    Ffynongain Pam (Lab) - Amy Willcock  

        & Fowlersmoon Alamo (ESS) - Andrew Webb

2nd Tayfordwoods Bellacolora (Lab) - Sue Chapman (Best Retriever)

        & (ESS) - Terry Souter

3rd  Dunrose River Among Ranwolf (Lab) - Lily Renouf

        & Evansaura Tyler of Johnorah (ESS) - Karen Sowerby

4th  Suthcharic Isla (Lab) - Sue Berman

       & Olivers Jewel (CS) - Ron Walford (Best Spaniel)


Novice - Eashing, Saturday 30th March 2013

Judges: Peter Scott, Alistair House, Reuben Corbett, Di Paterson, Robert Worrall

1st    Tayfordwoods Blyton - Mike Fleming

2nd  Spirit of the Lochl - Paul Dukes

3rd   Ffynongain Pam - Amy Willcock

4th   Birdsgreen Georgia of Flintsfield - Mandy Smith