Arun & Downland Gundog Society


Affiliated to the Kennel Club ID No. 694                          President: His Grace The Duke Of Norfolk

2012/13 Field Trial Results

Novice Stake for 14 AV Retrievers held at the Bereleigh Estate on 4th January 2013


1st        Garrethall Quip of Birdsgreen - Mike Tallamy

2nd      Cypher Black Cobra  - Peter Buckle (Guns' Choice)  

3rd       Websend Whitefarland - Tom Lowe

4th       Tippsey Girl of Meonvalley - Sarah Miles

COMs  Quarnford Woodcock - Tom Walsh; Levenghyl Cyber Star of Higgscroft - Dan Higgs; Lamlodge Louis - Neil Cornish




Novice Stake for 14 AV Retrievers held at the Peppering Shoot, Arundel Estate on 20th November 2012


2nd      Bellaroyal Chillie Pepper - Isabel Whitford

Guns' Choice  Quarnford Ptarmagen - Michael Rollinson




Open Qualifying Stake for 24 AV Retrievers held at The Exbury Estate on 29th and 30th October 2012


1st        Grayspeed Tutbury - Robin Gray (awarded the Voakes Trophy)

2nd      Ticefield Onyx - Neil Cornish

3rd       Bedgebrook Never Say Never to Wylanbriar - Diana Stevens

4th       Waterford Featherman - Nicola Rudgard

COM    Hathaway Harrier of Rushbrigg - Sam Morley-Riches

Guns' Choice  Tayfordwoods Gryffindor - Ian Ford (awarded the Bradshot Trophy)